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Environmental Monitoring

Ensure the safety and cleanliness of your production environment with our easy to use environmental monitoring services, we offer services to support your contamination prevention program and do so at a very reasonable cost.

Vietnam's seafood production
Food Bacterial Testing

Microbiological Monitoring

Ensure that your production environment is free from harmful pathogens, by conducting surface and air monitoring for a range of pathogens and microbiological parameters.


From E.coli, Salmonella, Yeast, Mold and beyond, let us do the hard work by providing the service you need at the cost you desire. Make sure you don’t have a product recall by monitoring your facility.


To find out more contact us for a full listing and pricing.

Water Testing

Water Monitoring

Is your water supply as clean as it is supposed to be? Make sure your production water is within specifications and not contaminating your production.


We offer a wide range of testing to ensure that your water is meeting requirements and contaminant free. This includes standard potability tests as well as more in depth testing such as pesticides, PFAS and much more.


To find out more contact us for a full listing and pricing.

Chemical Investigation Testing


On occasion the need may arise for more detailed investigative work.


With our state of the art analytical instrumentation and technical capabilities, we can help locate the source of your contamination and ensure that it does not happen again.


Our ability to test for unknown chemical compounds is extensive, let us take the strain out of these difficult and stressful situations.


To find out more contact us for a full listing and pricing.

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