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Quality Assurance

Quality is of paramount importance, nothing can make up for poor quality data. 

Ensure your data is sound by using our fully validated and ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited testing services.

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Accreditation to ISO/IEC17025 is seen by QAS as a key means of demonstrating our commitment to quality assurance.


ISO/IEC17025 is the international standard for laboratory accreditation. Laboratories having this accreditation are externally audited for the specific test methods on their accreditation scope.


Test methods not included in their scope of accreditation, are not assessed for compliance with the international standard.

Accreditation status for testing can be verified by looking on the accreditation bodies’ website and seeing if the tests are included in the scope of accreditation:


QAS was initially accredited to ISO/IEC17025 by CALA (Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation) in 2018. In 2022 in order to meet the stricter requirements for forensic testing, QAS made the switch to SCC (Standards Council Of Canada).

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Quality is the capstone of our laboratory, we support it by providing fast turnaround times and great customer service, all at a  reasonable Cost.


Experienced Leadership


QAS has over 70 years of experience in analytical testing between its senior staff. This provides a foundation for quality assurance and assisting customers meet their goals.


This combination of experience and the focus on Quality, provides a high level of confidence that the testing is being done properly. 


Why take chances on your data, choose QAS to support your quality assurance program.   

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